News / Banijay's Dilemma makes historical debut on M6's W9 in France

2010-05-21 12:30:00 - Paris/Copenhagen

Banijay's Dilemma makes historical debut on M6's W9 in France

Banijay's Dilemma makes historical debut on M6's W9 in France

Paris/Copenhagen, Friday, 21 May 2010 –  Dilemma,  the  brand new reality format launched last night on M6’s digital terrestrial channel W9 in France, achieving incredible ratings for a primetime format debut  when it more than doubled the channel’s primetime average share*.  The first episode of the show reached more than 1.2 million viewers making it the most successful launch of a DTT series in France to date.

Dilemma is stripped everyday (from Monday to Saturday) from 6:40pm to 7:30pm with a weekly primetime show each Thursday and is available worldwide through Banijay International the distribution arm of global production force Banijay Entertainment.

Dilemma is developed by Banijay’s central creative team – the creative factory - and ALJ  Productions founded by Alexia Laroche-Joubert,  part of the Banijay Entertainment Group. ALJ will produce the show.

The reality series features a number of contestants who are isolated from the outside world and housed together for eight weeks, along with the show’s co-host in The Dilemma Cube.  The winner will be the last person remaining after successfully facing a series of challenging personal dilemmas. The basic premise is really simple: will the contestants go for the easy money and the personal advantages, with the risk being eliminated by their teammates? Or will they make the unselfish choices and do what’s best for the team?
Yesterday the contestants were facing their very first dilemmas including a young guy having to choose between becoming naked to get into The Dilemma Cube and winning €5,000 for his team or keeping his clothes on but his team wouldn’t win any money. He stripped off!

A fashionable girl had to choose between leaving her luggage behind and not have it for five days and winning her team €5,000 or arriving with her luggage, but her team wouldn’t win anything and her teammates wouldn’t have their luggage for 2 days. Guess what she picked? Well…. she kept her bags with her.  So now all her teammates have to live without their luggage! A beautiful girl, very into her looks, had to choose between having her hair shaved and winning  €10,000 for the team or just not getting on to the show. - she decided to have her hair shaved live on air.

Karoline Spodsberg, Managing Director Banijay International added, “Based on this first night Dilemma is going to be the international success we anticipated.   There is a real demand for a new proven success within the reality genre right now and many territories have already shown serious interest in this innovative new format.”

In addition to the daily stripped show, and airing in a weekly primetime slot Dilemma is available via constant feed on DTH platform CanalSat.  Online video service Dailymotion gives visitors access to the 10 cameras shooting non-stop inside the location, empowering to viewers to “direct” their own show according to their preferences and the contestants they want to see more of. After yesterday’s debut a record number of visitors went on line to watch the follow up show until late.

“Best ratings for a reality show on DTT ever” (says W9)

 - Share on 4+: 4% (channel’s prime time average: 2.8%) > +4,2% “W9, leader on DTT channels” (says W9)

 - Share on 15-34: 9.6% (channel’s prime time average: 4.5%) > more than double of the channel’s prime time average share (+113%)