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For nearly two decades, television networks and viewers around the world have looked to Bunim-Murray Productions for groundbreaking, unprecedented and unforgettable reality entertainment. Widely credited with creating the reality television genre and known for several hit series such as The Real World (MTV), The Simple Life (E!), The Bad Girls Club (Oxygen) and Keeping Up With the Kardashians (E!), Bunim-Murray Productions infuses its finely tuned sense of dramatic story structure to turn the ordinary tales of real people into extraordinary television programming and filmed entertainment. The company has continued to successfully reinvent the genre with the first-ever game reality show (Road Rules), then with the first-ever reality daytime soap (Starting Over), once more with the first-ever reality comedy (The Simple Life) and the first-ever multi-platform reality series (Road Rules 2007).

Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jon Murray first joined forces in June of 1992 by launching The Real World, that chronicled the lives of seven young people living together in a house. The Real World has since become a part of the cultural DNA of young adults the world over. The company is also currently casting for the 25th season of the series.

In January 2004, Bunim-Murray Productions co-founder Mary-Ellis Bunim passed away. Now under the leadership of company co-founder Jonathan Murray, who holds the title of Chairman, and President Gil Goldschein, Bunim-Murray Productions remains as committed as ever to the ideals of creativity, adventure and excellence. Since 2006, Bunim-Murray has diversified its entertainment activities in digital opportunities (M Theory Entertainment), movies production (BMP Films) and also music investments (M Music). In 2008, the company took over the production of Project Runway (with the Weinstein Company) and launched a companion show, Models of the Runway.

By joining Banijay in 2010, BMP will be able to continue its past success as well as access international formats and distribute its series and formats to the international marketplace.





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